Annual Scientific Meeting of the ABG

2021 ABG ASM Summary – a resounding success!


Thank you to everyone who joined us online on the 25th to 27th February 2021 for the ABG’s first virtual Annual Scientific Meeting.

It was a bumpy road as we navigated uncharted territory to plan a reinvented version of the ASM during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the hard work paid off.

With a jam packed program, numerous international speakers, fitness sessions by Elekta, musical interludes, networking via video calls & chat feeds, the great debate and a film festival, there was something for everyone.

Some comments from our speakers and sponsors:

The 2021 virtual ABG meeting was highly engaging with a great line up of speakers, thought provoking clinical sessions and some very creative “out of the box” sessions to encourage networking and fun, elements which are often missing in a virtual meeting.

Our team enjoyed being part of the ABG and considered it to be a successful event.

Kudos to the convenors and event organisers – through their hard work and creativity, they proved a virtual event can be engaging, rewarding and worth the investment.

Vanessa Teague, Elekta


Thanks very much for inviting me. I was very impressed with your organisation of the meeting, and it was inspiring to participate.

Kari Tanderup


Great Meeting. You really were able to take the opportunity of the virtual meeting format to gather an impressive international roster of speakers in addition to the strong Australian contingent. Kudos!

Luc Beaulieu


The conference platform was very good, as were the conference staff who were most patient with me as I figured out how to climb over my hospital’s firewall. Definitely would use again. Definitely will come and teach in person when we are next allowed.

Phillip Devlin


Thanks very much for this invitation. A big honour – “All star status” I too enjoyed being a speaker in this meeting, especially the film festival was an icing on the cake! Great idea!

Jamema Swamidas

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